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Catch-up feature - Go back 14 days on selected channels and watch any program

Watch all your favourite LIVE TV programs, series and movies on any device or directly connected to your TV by using our pre-installed Mag 254 Tv-box. You can also use a Mag 250 or Mag 256 which are also fully compatible.

And if you miss any program, do not worry!! We got you covered. By using our CatchUp storing functionality on selected channels (only available on Mag boxes at this point), you can watch any program up to 14 days after - whenever and wherever you like.

When you order the Mag 254 from us, it will be plug&play ready for you on arrival. The only thing you need is to connect to the internet by using an ethernet cable or connect to wifi (only 254w2 and 256 have internal wifi receiver). Please contact, if you would like to order the box. Otherwise, you are also free to order it from an external supplier.

Access to all sport

You will never have to miss another sports event again. With more than 65 international sports channels, we got you covered for life.

By using our TV channel list on e.g. the Mag 254 TV-box, you can easily review every channel’s daily TV-guide and find exactly the sports game you are looking for. 

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